Porridge Oats + Summer Berries Smoothie

…spooning 3tbsp of oats into a smoothie is the best way to add fibre… the oats bulk up the fruit recipe and taste delicious with runny honey. I love chopping and blending these healthy ingredients for breakfast…it tastes lovely as an afternoon snack too…it is super filling though so reduce the yoghurt if you wish for a lighter fruitie smoothie…the berries if part frozen just before blitzing taste amazing…the chill is refreshing…

3tbsp Porridge oats

4tbsp natural yoghurt

A handful of blackberries + blueberries

Chopped Strawberries

A drop of apple juice

A drizzle of natural honey

Mix the berries and oats into the yoghurt. Drizzle in the honey. Add a splash of apple juice and blitz on high….

Lots of Love xx

Photography~ Victoria Lovell


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