Sunday Breakfast + Pastel Blue Eggs by Clarence Court~ Review *not sponsored

…On Sunday I cooked beautiful scrambled eggs using these sweet pastel coloured eggs….the quality of our breakfast was divine… the eggs were delicious: fluffy & light and everything that a good cooked vegetarian breakfast should be. Eggs play a bit part of a nourishing healthy breakfast don’t you think.

I also like to use the best eggs we can afford in our baking and these have always been one of my top favourite brands. I cracked open one of the Cotswold Legbar eggs produced by the hens at Clarence Court.

The pale blue shell is beautiful- with yellow yolk that is dark and rich. They are creamy and really yummy. These lovely eggs are not seasonal and can be found all year round in the big supermarkets. Old Cotswold Legbars are used by top celebrity and London chefs and I can certainly see why…they are just delicious eggs…and not just because their shells are the prettiest of blues although this is a big reason why I love them… they look so sweet displayed in a chicken house too!

I also admire the iconic blue stamp printed on each little egg. Overall, I love the company and everything that they believe in- quality hens producing the finest quality eggs. So Sunday’s breakfast was a success thanks to Clarence Court produce. I can’t wait for next Sunday! Happy Wednesday! X

Lots of love xx


Photography~ Victoria Lovell


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