Aga Love~ industrial stoves of beauty

…nothing makes me happier than this beautiful iconic brand…Aga. The Aga is true work of a genius and today I’m sharing my two favourite Aga’s. You know I love sharing recipes and talking about healthy dishes but, it’s nice to talk about the other things I love and feel passionate about. Aga is one of them. I think it may just be a life long dream to eventually own an Aga. When I’m old and grey no doubt but that doesn’t matter to me. As long as I get to bake lemon drizzle or Victoria Sandwich inside an Aga stove, I’ll be pretty happy.

It is thanks to Dr Gustaf Dalén- a blind Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist for his work. He had the idea to create an efficient stove that would free his wife from the grind associated with the dirty, dangerous and terribly inefficient stoves that were being used in the day. After vast work, Dalén applied his scientific thinking to the design of the cooker. He was blinded in an horrific industrial accident but continued his work with determination. He relied on his wife to be his eyes. He worked so hard until he perfected the Aga and his invention was rightly patented. In 1929, the Aga was launched in Britain and received immediate acclaim.

Everything about the Aga represents cosy, happy exceptional cooking- the core of every kitchen keeping it warm and smelling delicious. I love to write, talk and tweet about Aga whenever I get the opportunity- it is a wonderful brand and I know lots of you love them too through Instagram…I love seeing them in kitchens… my favourites are here and a couple of kitchen photographs too… courtesy of Aga. Thank you!





Photography: Aga

My favourites are the 2-oven Aga and the 3-oven Aga in turquoise, white and cream. Beautifully crafted ovens for life.

Have a wonderful day.

Victoria x




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