What do I love mostly about cooking? Switching the Fairy lights on and having my favourite candles lit in the kitchen. I love it to be warm, cosy and filled with lovely smells.

What goals have you set for the future if any? To let my children be children until they find their own way…

My favourite film? the Holiday, especially at Christmas.

The best way to spend a drizzly northern Saturday…a walk in the rain.

Favourite flowers? Pink Peonies, Hydrangeas + Dahlia’s

Describe the best way to spend the weekend…Eating a special breakfast with our family

My favourite treat…Oat and Peacan cookies dipped in Green & Blacks milk chocolate

Your favourite season…Spring. I love spring days.

My favourite thing to wear? Bright wellies.

Favourite colour…sage green

Favourite Disney movie…Beauty & the Beast

I am obsessed with…Notebooks. I’ve been writing in them since I was little.

How long have you been blogging for? A long time…I used to originally write reviews about the lovely places we visited in the North of England. I love to travel and discover new places. My very own recipe blog then evolved. I love creating it and sharing it.

Something I’ve learn that is valuable in life…Simple living and taking moments to enjoy the small things.

After the school pick up I love…a latte and making baked treats with my little ones…

What did I study at University…I studied a BA with Hons in Early Childhood {Birth to 8} and graduated in 2005. I had the best experiences!

Which uni did you go to…I studied at Manchester Met. It’s an amazing uni.

Something I could not live without…My family and definitely the Spring season, it’s brighter and there is so much to look forward to!

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Lots of Love xx